With every blessing for 2020

Christ is born! And His Birth unites heaven and earth in a single joy. The angels cry out Glory be to God on high (Luke 2, 14) and we on earth take up their song. For we and they, whom sin had seperated, are now once more reconciled. We and they have been made fellow-citizens (Ephesians 2, 19), sharers of the heavenly kingdom.

And with the angels, too, we share their food. For now the Bread of Angels (Psalm 78, 25) is laid in a feeding-trough that we might feast on Him. He is made flesh in Bethlehem, which in Hebrew means The House of Bread, He Who is the Bread from Heaven (John 6, 41), the Living Bread (John 6, 51), which, if anyone eats, they will live for ever (John 6, 58). Whose god is so close to them as our God is to us! boasted the ancient Israel (Deuteronomy 7, 4). And like all the rest of the Old Testament, that which was glorious then has been surpassed in glory now (see 2 Corinthians 3, 10). Nothing is closer to us, nothing is more ourselves, than what we eat. And what we eat is our God! Our God becomes our food. He becomes our food in the Holy Eucharist, He Who makes every temple into Bethlehem. For, wherever He is, there is Bethlehem. Wherever His Flesh is found, there is the House of Bread.
Let us go even unto Bethlehem to see this thing which is come to pass (Luke 2, 15). Thus the shepherds responded to the angels’ Gloria. And thus we may respond as well. We may go into our House of Bread, into the temple of the Lord, and there we will see Him Whom they adored, wrapped not here in swaddling bands, but veiled beneath the signs of bread and wine: the same Jesus, the same God made flesh for us, our ever-abiding Emmanuel.
In His Love and Service,
Fr David.