Lazarus & Dives

Today’s Gospel reading at mass was the parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16, 19-31). There is a lot to say about this passage, but I will limit myself to two quotations. The first is from this evening’s Vespers: ‘He yearned for a sip of water, he who had denied Lazarus a crust of bread.’ The second is from a sermon by Lancelot Andrewes: ‘Is there not hope for a rich man in a rich man’s bosom?’

Dives was not damned because he was rich, but because he refused to use his riches to help those in need. And us? How do we use those things that God has given us? Are we selfish, thinking only of ourselves? Or, do we use our talents in the service of others?

In the light of the Gospel, they are questions that deserve our serious attention!